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Hoya de Cadenas Estate

The Hoya de Cadenas Estate is the first wine-tourism complex in Spain that integrates an exhibition hall in a winery, with a commitment to driving a new concept in wine-tourism linked to wine culture. Thus, a visit to the Barrel Art Museum is integrated in the guided tours of the estate.

Enjoy the guided tour of the Hoya de Cadenas Estate aboard the wine train that crosses the estate, the old winery, the wine creation room and the largest barrel hall in the Valencia Region.

Also, located in a 19th-century building and with a surface area of 400 m2, the visit includes the "Barrel Art" Museum, a cultural space divided into three areas: the museum gallery, crypt and wine-tasting hall where a total of 25 barrels are on display, the work of artists such as Mariscal, Miquel Navarro, Carmen Calvo, Uiso Alemany, Morea, Cari Roig and José Sanleón.

Hoya de Cadenas Estate

After the visit there is a wine-tasting of three wines.
Duration: 1h 30min.

Opening hours:

  • Tuesday to Saturday at 12 pm. At 10.30 am and 16.30 pm only by reservation.
  • Sunday at 12 pm. At 10.30 am only by reservation.

Further information and reservations:

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