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The current general conditions have the objective of regulating conditions of use and utilization of the Internet portal located at the address “” and the objective of titling the entity Vicente Gandia Pla S.A., with the social address of Cheste a Godelleta s/n, 46370 Chiva, Valencia (Spain), and its social objective is the making and selling of wines and cavas.

The simple use of the portal attributes to anyone using it the customers conditions, who will declare knowledge and accept without reservation or any exception all and each of the general conditions that are outlined in this document.



On one part, Vicente Gandia Pla, S.A., with CIF no. A46019063 and with the address to these effects at Ctra. Cheste a Godelleta, s/n, 46370 Chiva, Valencia (Spain), R.M of Valencia, From 3969 Book 1282 General Section 8th Folder 74 Sheet V17364 Inscription 20.

And on the other part, any person physical or jurisdictual, addressee of the contents and services of on changes to the considerations that in each case are established when they commit to this contract.



The prices indicated on the screen are in euros and include VAT.

Delivery costs are charged seperately and will be specific to the destination to which goods are delivered. The jurisdictual territory of is Peninsular Spain and the Baleric Islands (Not the Canary Islands).

Vicente Gandia Pla S.A. Reseves the right to take payments for goods from the shop without previous warning.


Vicente Gandia Pla reserves the ownership title of all products that it sells, from the point of satisfactory integral import to the product reaching clients.


Visa is the bank card that is accepted.

If the POS (Point Of Sale) terminal rejects the card, the order will automatically be cancelled and the client will be informed on-line of this. Personal information and credit card information are encripted according to SSL security protocol, so that the buyer is not at risk.

Card information is NEVER saved on our server, they are encripted and send directly to the bank who will approve or reject the transaction, we do not at any point know card details.

When paying by card the client is charged at the time of the transaction.


When choosing to pay via bank transfer, the User-Buyer, should adhere to Vicente Gandia Pla S.A copy the receipt of having made the payment, indicating their name and the purchase number provided by Vicente Gandia at the point of competing the purchase, through one of the following methods.
A- Fax to the number 96 252 42 43
B.- E-mail to


If the payment has been made by transfer or bank deposit, the purchase is not considered completed until Vicente Gandia Pla S.A recieves a reciept (by e-mail or fax) to confirm.


The delivery of products will be made to the address given by the client at the point of sale or to the address that is on our database.

The delivery will be made within 72 hours, according to the availability of the product and the address of the recipient. In the case that for technical reasons we are not able to ahere to these delivery dates we will get in touch with the client in order to agree an alternative delivery date.

In the Baleric Islands delivery will be made within 7 days of the purchase.

For products that have been paid for by transfer or bank deposit the delivery time will be set from the day that Vicente Gandia Pla S.A has in its possession the copy of the receipt of the transaction.

In the case of a delay in delivery please contact us by telephone on 962524242 or e-mail


The client can only make a claim under the following circumstances:

  • • if the quantity of products recieved is different to the quantity ordered
  • • if the box has been seriously damaged in a way that affects the quality of the product in which case this should be communicated with the deliverers and it noted on the delivery note.
  • • If the products recieved don't correlate to the products ordered.

In the case of delivery incidents or if the client would like to make a return they must notify us within 5 days of recieving the product. To do this they shoulde-mail.

In the case of imperfections on the packaging the client can refuse to accept the order, explaining to the driver of the delivery service that it is rejected, or they can accept it and write the defect on the delivery note and contact Vicente Gandia Pla S.A within 24hours.

In the case of returns of damaged products Vicente Gandia Pla S.A is responsible for replacing the product and convering delivery costs. Delivery costs will be charged to the client when the return does not correspond with the damaged product.

Returns should be sent in their original packaging. If the client would like payment returned and not the product that was ordered this can be done within fifteen days after the receipt of the goods on our stocks.


Vicente Gandia Pla S.A promeses to treat all data as confidentail, and to use all necessary methods in our reach to acheive this. The client accepts that all its information submitted are correct and authorises Vicente Gandia Pla S.A and enlists the file to be able to keep them informed of any changes, prices, technical information etc that could be of interest. Vicente Gandia Pla S.A informs the client of any changes of information and is able to keep personal information, each time that an electronic purchase is made or when a purchase is about to be made; or equally they can change or cancel information, or to be sent information etc notify by email.


Vicente Gandia Pla agrees to:

  • • Verify the correct receipt of deliveries by the buyers
  • Contest any returns made within 24 hours of working days and enquiries made within 72 hours of non working days, and communicate possible delay in the case of delays, agreeing with the customer and new delivery date.
  • • To not make dishonest publicity. All of our commercial informatio will be strict, true and corroborative with our possibilities and methods of obtaining.


The current contract will be interpreted and governed according to the Spaish legislation. Bodegas Vicente Gandia S.L and the user agree to try to resolve issues in a friendly way, first referring to the jurisdiction.

The user knows and accepts that this contract and the returns and responsibilities mentioned within are subject to Spanish legislation. Therefore it is in agreement with every litigation, discrepancy, question or return resulting from the execution of interpretation of the current contract or relating to it, directly or indirectly, will be definitively resolved in the Courtroom and Tribunals of Valencia (Spain) with express resignation to any other outsider that could rightly be suitable.

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