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Hoya de Cadenas Estate

Hoya de Cadenas State

The Hoya de Cadenas Estate , is an eco-paradise just 100 Km from the city of Valencia. The estate boasts over 200 hectares of the finest local and international vine varieties. Its situation on the slopes of the Sierra de la Bicuerca affords a particular micro-climate with temperature variations from day to night which give the grapes their own special characteristics and encourages the accumulation of highly valued polyphenols

Hoya de Cadenas State

The Estate is equipped with all the technology for getting the most out of the land without damaging it; respecting its natural cycles, making best use of water, seeing each vine stock as something able to produce the multiple facets which, like a gemstone, some wines offer to delight all the senses.

Located on the vineyards, the underground cask cellar today holds 15,000 selected oak casks and, with an area of 4000 m2, is the largest wine cellar in the Community of Valencia. All the casks are of 225 litre capacity and come from Missouri (USA) or the forests of Allier (France).

The blending of varieties is an art in itself, so we use oak from different countries and with different types of toasting to produce highly expressive, complex wines.

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